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Have Yourself a Merry Little Hangover-Free Christmas at Heaven

Are you ready to jingle bell rock the night away without the morning-after grogginess? This year, we're inviting you to a unique Christmas celebration that ensures you can have all the festive fun without any hangovers. Whether you're the designated driver, someone who prefers to avoid alcohol, or just looking to experience a different kind of holiday cheer, we've got you covered.

At Heaven, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the festive season to the fullest, regardless of their drinking preferences. That's why we've stocked up on a fantastic selection of non-alcoholic beers, mocktails and mood-improving spirits from Three Spirit drinks, specifically designed to enhance your mood, energise, and calm, depending on the type of drink you choose. This Christmas, you don't have to miss out on anything - Not even the festive buzz!

Three Spirit Drinks: The Perfect Party Companion

Three Spirit drinks are a game-changer for those opting for alcohol-free options. These functional spirit alternatives are crafted with the finest active, high-grade plants, adaptogens, and nootropics, creating a perfect blend for those who want to keep the party spirit alive without the unwanted effects of alcohol.

You may be wondering, how can you enjoy these innovative drinks? Well, whether you're a fan of sipping spirits on the rocks, love creative cocktails, or prefer pairing your drinks with your favourite soda, Three Spirit drinks are versatile enough to suit any preference.

Getting the Party Started at Heaven

Imagine this: you're toasting to the good times with your colleagues or friends, sipping on a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail that not only tastes fantastic but also enhances your mood. The music is awesome, the atmosphere is electric, and the best part? You're completely in control, free to savour every moment knowing that there'll be no hangover waiting for you the next day.

This is a chance to experience a festive celebration like never before, where you can dance the night away, engage in lively conversations, and truly enjoy the spirit of Christmas, all while staying healthy and hangover-free.

Let's raise a glass (of non-alcoholic cheer) to a healthier, happier holiday celebration. Book your Christmas party with us today and prepare to step into a heavenly Christmas experience unlike any other. Have yourself a merry little hangover-free Christmas at Heaven. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Book your Christmas party with Heaven:

  • LNGE with tables for 2 - 12 people and a maximum of 80

  • Full VIP table service

  • Loft Private Hire up to 60 people

  • Clubroom private hire 150 people

  • Balearic vibe wines

  • The LNGE with unique cocktails

  • Cocktail Masterclasses

  • In-house mixologists

  • Live DJs

  • Gourmet buffet by Class Act Catering


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